As organizations everywhere organize around hybrid work models, many face new requirements that necessitate a reorientation in how they approach their business and IT operations. They need infrastructure that gives them the ability to adapt quickly to change, but that isn’t cost prohibitive. They need security solutions that support distributed work, protect against uncertainty, and keep expanded attack surfaces safe. And they need work tools that enable employees to work where and how they want to so they can perform at their best.

At Citrix, we’ve been focused on helping customers to accelerate cloud transformation, to secure critical assets without adding complexity for the end user or IT admins, and to deploy work tools to help employees stay productive and engaged, even during the most trying times. We’ve listened to the challenges you’ve faced and worked to understand your needs today, and in the future, and Citrix is positioned to deliver new, innovative solutions to help your organization succeed.

Now, we’ve all probably experienced some level of virtual event fatigue over the last 18 months. What we’ve learned over that time is that the most valuable events in today’s environment are those that are brief and newsworthy and supported by additional resources and activities.

With that in mind, I’m pleased to announce the Citrix Launchpad Series, a series of announcement programs that will serve as a platform for launching powerful innovation and partner announcements. We will host three Launchpad programs — Cloud, Security, and Work — each aligned to the prioritized business outcomes you’re looking to achieve.

Each program will be a 20- to 30-minute session, streamed on LinkedIn Live, where we’ll focus on our most exciting new announcements. We’ll supplement each with detailed demos, whitepapers, case studies, webinars, and even small, local meetings (depending on local in-person meeting restrictions). This gives you the flexibility to choose the programming you want to engage with and a digital experience that maximizes your valuable time.

We’ll spread our Launchpad sessions over three weeks in September and October, and each will focus on one key area. Here’s what you’ll see:

  • Citrix Launchpad: Cloud — During our first Launchpad session, live on Tuesday, September 28, we’ll share how Citrix is helping to speed IT modernization for our customers. We’ll unveil the latest innovations in DaaS and app delivery and security to help reduce complexity and increase flexibility and control as organizations shift to hybrid environments and the could. You’ll also hear about the work we’re doing with leading cloud providers and others to add value on top of their services and support the move to cloud. Register today for Citrix Launchpad: Cloud.
  • Citrix Launchpad: Security — We’ll follow up Tuesday, October 5, by focusing on how Citrix is empowering secure, distributed work. We’ll look at the challenges associated with the rapid shift to cloud and hybrid work models and the hurdles that can create for employees. We’ll announce new zero trust solutions that support simple, secure, seamless access and contextual security for your organization, no matter where work gets done. Register today for Citrix Launchpad: Security.
  • Citrix Launchpad: Work — We’ll close the Citrix Launchpad Series on Tuesday, October 12, with a walkthrough of Citrix innovations that empower teams and individuals to be productive, stay engaged, and do their best work. We’ll look at new capabilities in Citrix Workspace and Wrike, as well as integrations with other work solutions, that will help organizations modernize their employee experience and help their people — no matter how they prefer to work — thrive in distributed work environments and achieve new levels of productivity and engagement. Register today for Citrix Launchpad: Work.

The events of the last 18 months have accelerated timelines around cloud migration, forced organizations to ramp up security to protect expanded attack surfaces, and empowered employees with digital tools to help them adapt to new ways of working and succeed. The virtual Citrix Launchpad Series will give you insights into the latest Citrix innovations that will help you best position your organization to manage this ongoing change and enable your employees to thrive.

Keep an eye out here and on in the coming weeks for more information about our Citrix Launchpad Series.