What are Citrix application delivery controller solutions?

Securely deliver the optimal app experience

Citrix application delivery controller solutions make it remarkably easy for organizations to gain operational consistency, holistic visibility, and comprehensive security across multi-cloud environments. This suite of technologies streamlines application delivery, providing actionable insights for faster troubleshooting, enabling easy-to-deploy web app and API protection—and much more. Providing an optimal experience for your application end users doesn’t have to be difficult.

Across industries—including banking, education, government, healthcare, and retail—organizations are modernizing apps by transitioning from monolithic to microservices-based architectures and by shifting workloads from on-premises environments to public and private clouds. As these apps fast become the lifeblood of organizational success, consistency is key. But frequently, transitioning to hybrid multi-cloud can create unwanted complexity.

Cultivating a competitive advantage means maintaining high-performing applications. And high-performing apps require high-performing infrastructure—the kind that eliminates the complications of multi-cloud application delivery management and help ensure a consistent security posture, all while empowering you to get to market faster.

Citrix application delivery controller solutions allow you to troubleshoot faster, provide a better user experience and strengthen your security posture across all applications and APIs.

What’s different about Citrix application delivery solutions?

As you modernize your application infrastructure, you must also modernize your application delivery. You need a way to streamline operations and simplify security. Only Citrix gives you feature-rich, fully supported application delivery solutions you can use to create consistency across monolithic and microservices-based applications.

Citrix application delivery controller solutions offer license portability so you can choose the infrastructure that best fits your needs. This flexibility allows you to work with any application, in any environment, across any form factor. Our single code base provides the consistency to prevent provider lock-in. So you can deliver a secure and optimized application experience regardless of your underlying infrastructure, all from one central management pane.

Citrix web application and API protection solutions secure all of your applications and APIs, no matter where they’re deployed, with an easy-to-operate cloud-delivered service. There’s no physical appliance to install and updates are applied automatically, ensuring your entire app portfolio is protected against the latest automated, injection and volumetric denial of service (DoS) attacks.

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What can you do with Citrix application delivery controller solutions?

Thousands of organizations rely on Citrix application delivery controller solutions to streamline multi-cloud app delivery management and get to market fast

Provide the best app experience with a proven leader in application delivery

Tolly Group validates Citrix ADC VPX performance over F5 BIG-IP VE

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Citrix ADC VPX delivers better results than F5 BIG-IP in every variant of every test.

Tolly Test Report #221100
January, 2021

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